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Numbase Group holds 6 companies specialized in Mobile Value Added Services

Mobile Marketing Campaigns

A unique add-on tool is required to achieve remarkable boost to ARPU and customer satisfaction.
  • Mobile Marketing Campaigns

    Mobile dialogue provides a unique add on interactive tool. Mega Promo campaigns aim at engaging and bonding the customer base to their respective operators.

  • Micro-finance

    Our ACS solution enables low balance subscribers to receive emergency credit instantly to continue making important phone calls.

  • RBT

    NUMBASE offers high quality turnkey solutions creating a cost-effective roadmap to stay abreast of evolving user needs and marketplace requirements with the ability to expand as demand increases.

  • Mobile VAS

    Our solution is powered by a risk management software and credit analysis algorithm to determine eligible users based on the sophisticated analysis of user profiles and behavior with ZERO risk to the MNO and no bad debts.

NUMBASE group, a leader in the mobile innovation & value added services sector focuses on the development & implementation of top quality Mobile Marketing Solutions for Operators, Brands & Media.

We promise higher annual revenue, recurring Mobile Marketing Campaign without saturating the base, constantly satisfied customers.

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Partnering with specialized technology providers to customize, develop, and transform VAS products from services that are nice to have into services that define new lifestyles and necessities.