We strive
for innovation
and greatness


Numbase Group is an international mobile value-added service provider, serving million of customers worldwide. Driven by innovative technologies, predictive data and real-time analytics, Numbase develops and markets cutting-edge engagement and digital solutions for mobile network operators.

At the core of the business is a deep-seated understanding of how to engage, retain and add significant value to a customer base using smart mobile marketing, micro finance, big data analysis and customized revenue generation tools.

This not only helps MNOs to build stronger and more sustainable relationship with their customers but to grow revenue through new digital capabilities and achieve cost efficiencies.

Numbase Group also invests in and partners with companies that include SHOUT, C/dialogues, Shazam Entertainment and Beyond Limits - the only AI Company utilizing NASA defence technologies for commercial technology solutions.

Numbase services include VAS Solutions, Premium Numbers, 'Connect' Powered by Shazam, Mega Promotions, Loyalty Programs, Ring Back Tone Solutions, Microfinance Solutions, Mobile Advertising Solutions, Content Aggregation, and Multimedia & Music Content.


To always deliver today what customers need tomorrow through AI capabilities, big data analysis and advanced profiling techniques; and to make alliances with strategic partners worldwide to expand the presence of these services.


To be an international leader in the provision of cutting edge value-added services to MNO’s and build the most advanced and personalized experiences to their customers..


Numbase pursues the creation of value in ways not previously conceived of. By marrying the vast potential of big data with intelligence and fearlessness, Numbase achieves greatness in everything it does..


In less than a decade we have seen humanity’s relationship with technology transform every aspect of daily life – from how world leaders interact with their voters to how we search for love, purchase entertainment and stay connected. This new world – what some may call the 4th industrial revolution – is underpinned by the remarkable growth of artificial intelligence (AI). It is now ‘ordinary’ for our smart devices to speak directly to each other, carrying out crucial tasks with little human input.

The role of AI is snowballing at an extraordinary pace, bringing ever-greater benefits to society and underpinning it all is the meteoric rise of big data, which itself comes courtesy of social media. The way in which social media, big data and artificial intelligence dovetail is, to those of us at Numbase, a thing of social and technological beauty – it was almost ‘designed’ this way. Yet the presence of AI, particularly its potential impact on the democratic process and international security, poses serious ethical and practical challenges.

History shows us that very often, revolutionary tools and technologies have ended up in the wrong hands. Defining moments in history such as the splitting of the atom, have sometimes made the world a more dangerous place. This is why those of us who are involved in the emergence of powerful AI tools have a weight of responsibility. Big data is the new oil – it is the food that AI needs to survive and flourish. Harnessing the power of big data, Numbase Group is a business that is at the cutting edge of AI solutions for mobile network operators. We understand that over time, big data and AI will significantly increase in prevalence – and it will continue to underpin the added-value services and solutions we create. Yet this work must be carried out with caution.

Navigating the future of AI responsibly means managing the enormous quantities of data we hold, process or interact with in the most cautiously creative, ethical way possible. We embrace the incredible innovations that are within reach and we will always pursue cutting-edge technical creativity – but we do so in a way that serves and protects our customers and wider society. Big data means we can help every human being build their own life story – but for those of us who are using big data in this way it is a serious undertaking.

Artificial intelligence is – like it or not – a force that will have irrevocable consequences for mankind. At Numbase Group, we’re committed to making a lasting positive and exciting contribution to this next incredible chapter in the history of mankind.