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Mobile Marketing Campaign

Mobile Marketing Campaign aim at engaging and bonding the customer base to their respective operators. A unique add on tool is required to achieve remarkable boost to ARPU and customer satisfaction.

NUMBASE provides the ultimate user experience in a mobile enabled industry. Since 2010, Mega Promo Campaigns have been adapted in partnership with worldwide carriers. In 2014, NUMBASE has achieved 11 mobile marketing campaigns in the Middle East and Africa with average promo duration of 400 days, more than 70,000,000 billed SMS, average penetration rate of 17.2% and turnover of around $96,000,000.

Participants are communicated via MT SMS in various ways. They are placed in dynamic cluster based on unique combination of different parameters, thus achieving an ideal communication.

Participants are engaged in a step-by-step dialogue starting from the invitation stimulus, engagement in Trivia Games to rewarding. A relationship is built where engagement is strengthened to become loyal.


Today, mobile operators are taking advantage of the value added services to attract new customers, reduce churn, increase APRU, increase their market share and unlock new revenue streams in the declining voice segment.

To quickly deliver these potentially lucrative services, operators are seeking to deploy solutions that are flexible, scalable, and easy to implement in their network infrastructure.

As a VAS provider, NUMBASE offers high quality turnkey solutions creating a cost-effective roadmap to stay abreast of evolving user needs and marketplace requirements with the ability to expand as demand increases.

One of the main NUMBASE delivered solutions is the Ring Back Tone service. RBT enables subscribers to personalize their calling experience with their favorite tunes, sounds, jokes, and user-recorded messages, and replace the monotonous audio ring tones of the past. The solution is designed and provided as an integrated system of hardware, software, applications and licenses, ensuring a highly available, robust, and multi-service platform.


Our ACS solution enables low balance subscribers to receive emergency credit instantly to continue making important phone calls.

Our solution is powered by a risk management software and credit analysis algorithm to determine eligible users based on the sophisticated analysis of user profiles and behavior with ZERO risk to the MNO and no bad debts.

We support multiple service models: Service Fee Charge

NumLife – Micro Insurance Solution

Numlife is a simple and convenient way, for mobile users to access affordable Insurance plans from their mobile.