Is a state-of-the art smartphone mobile application, created, managed, and run by a team of young innovative professionals, who are mainly driven by their passion to music and innovation.

With a direct aim at connecting people through their taste in music and finding your music through people you know. Muzeit brings people on diversified geographies with the same taste in music closer to one another

With Muzeit, music is taken to another level. Enabling you to find out what all of your friends are listening to instantly.

Muzeit provides you with instant recommendations to an extent that might surprise you in terms of accuracy. Browse through your friend's music library and instantly download the songs you like.

Muzeit connects music to people and people to music.

► First application that allows you to share music through contacts directly

► Became the number one music application on iTunes and in eighteen countries in only three weeks post launching.

► Available in 155 countries.

► One of its main specialties is its specific feature where you can choose your own store to facilitate accessing different stores even when you are using some other country code mobile number.