About us

NUMBASE Group, provides distinguished mobile Value Added Services using cutting edge technologies NUMBASE leads by providing niche services allowing the group to capitalize on a sustainable market share utilizing its strength with solid partnerships in the industry. We have gained extensive experience by achieving sustainable results in a highly competitive market driven by innnovation.

Our services range from the design, development and implementation of high end solutions that generate substantial revenues and high customer satisfaction, to providing managed services and consultations to mobile carriers. Our holding oversees 6 subsidiaries all focused on the core fundamentals of the mobile industry managed by skilled personnel with vast knowledge and experience keeping the group’s mission and vision a stronghold to our growth and success. Our Operations extend to Europe, the Middle East & Africa, South East Asia and Latin America covering over 29 countries.


Our Mission is to provide mobile network operators with innovative solutions covering a significant market share of mobile users while ensuring customer satisfaction and creating sustainable revenue streams.

NUMBASE focuses on the conception, development & implementation of top quality Mobile Marketing Solutions for Operators, Brands & Media. We promise higher annual revenue, recurring Mega Promos without saturating the base, constantly satisfied customers. Partnering with specialized technology providers to customize, develop, and transform VAS products from services that are nice to have into services that define new lifestyles and necessities.